The agrophotovoltaic system is an energy and agricultural solution where agriculture and electricity production with photovoltaic solar panels take place on the same land. 

The ASTRASUN AGRO® is based on actual agricultural experience!

The complex agricultural structures we have developed are aimed at crop farming and/or grazing. The advice of an agronomist must always be sought for the given area, as each different soil, climatic condition requires a different agrivoltaic solution! There is no universally good agrivoltaic system! The technology needs to be adapted to the agricultural product that can be optimally produced in the given area.

The advantages of the technology include that the solar panels provide shade for the plants, thus reducing heat stress. However, it depends on the design whether it really reduces soil erosion or increases it due to incorrect design!

The ASTRASUN AGRO® pilot project can be viewed live on a 29-hectare area in Bicske, Hungary. (You can enter the area with a guide, so please arrange your visit in advance!)

Real experience, real agrivoltaic system!


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