How to maximize solar power production? 

How can all this be done cost-effectively?

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Transform Sunlight into Sustainable Success with Astrasun!


Our experience in O&M: Our company has been operating solar power plants, high-performance solar collector heat storages, and other special electronic networks, including electronic security networks, since 2013.

A significant know-how has accumulated at ASTRASUN PLANTCARE® due to the wide range of technological insights.


Our O&M services: 

  • Maintenance and service (planned and ad hoc) 
  • Renovation and modernization 
  • Solar panel, structure, inverter, transformer, cables health check - personal on-site work Performance monitoring - IT-based troubleshooting 
  • Individually developed monitoring tools for the site, which have evidentiary power in insurance events, for example Individually designed, special intrusion, theft protection systems
  • Area maintenance (mowing, sheep keeping “ASTRASUN SOLARSHEEP”) 
  • Consulting Development, expansion proposals, technological supplement proposals e.g. energy storage, hydrogen production, custom cable networks, microgrids, energy communities


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 Reach out to Mr. Alex Nyers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

 Call us at +36-1-4550692 to inquire about our services, ask for advice, or make an offer.