We love challenges, our passion is quality!


We have built solar power plants under the most extreme conditions: in a swamp, unstable landfill, sand, floodplain, high buildings, monuments, and even over an orchard - in short, in almost every natural environment.

Discover ASTRASUN Solar Plc. – The Leaders in Solar Power Plant Construction

Since 2013, ASTRASUN Solar Plc. has been spearheading the construction of solar power plants. Our portfolio has over 100 large power plants and 5000+ household-sized systems.

In 2015, we set a new standard by building one of the first large-scale hybrid solar panel-solar collector-heat storage-electric battery power plants in Central Europe.


We pride ourselves on our passion for quality and love for challenges!

With ASTRASUN Solar Plc., solar power plants can be built under even the most extreme conditions – from swamps and unstable landfills to sand, floodplains, high buildings, monuments, and even over an orchard. 

We have successfully constructed power plants in almost every natural environment.

Our strengths: 

  • Own machinery 
  • Trained team leaders 
  • Quality assurance
  • Strict quality control 
  • •Warranty for the work done

“We build every solar power plant so that the operation can be efficiently implemented.”

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