“ASTRASUN EXCELLENCE” - striving for excellence in every aspect

Our electrical engineering team has designed more than 300 large power plants and several thousand smaller capacity solar power plants since 2013. During the design, we take into account the latest technologies, the most efficient solutions.

Our design principles:


- striving for excellence Our design guideline is based on the experiences we have gained in our role as designer, contractor, operator and in some cases investor.

  • favorable design fee 
  • simplicity, efficiency, safety in the technical solution 
  • preference for modern technical solutions 
  • creating an easily and cheaply implementable power plant 
  • efficient future operability
  • minimal environmental impact

By utilizing the ASTRASUN EXCELLENCE methodology, the operating costs of a power plant can be reduced by up to 50% compared to an average system. Our methodology incorporates operational experience into the design process to achieve these results.

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