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Comprehensive Energy Project Development Services

Our team specializes in developing an array of energy projects, including solar, wind, biogas, hydrogen, and solar collectors. Our top priority is meeting the investor's requirements while ensuring optimal return on investment (ROI). From design to financing, our services and experience cover the entire value chain.

How does project development work in practice? 

  • Our team evaluates the suitability of the chosen location.
  • Our team of experts examines the suitability of the electricity network.
  • Our team prepares the necessary documentations, plans and obtains the professional contributions
  • We submit our connection request to the electricity service provider (DSO, TSO)
  • Based on the received contribution, professionals in our team plan the power plant accordingly
  • Our services include providing relevant data to the financing financial institution (production calculation, risk analysis etc.)


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We work with a diverse array of partners, clients, ranging from the world's leading corporations to medium-sized businesses, as well as institutional and private investors.

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