Mission - on green roads

ASTRASUN Energy Holding, as one of the most promising participants in the domestic and international solar energy market, considers it a mission to enable the widest possible use of energy supply based on the most easily accessible renewable energy source.

We believe that a green solution to satisfy the energy needs of the 21st century can and must be provided in a way that can curb climate change in the long term and help to create a healthier, more livable environment and reduce the amount of harmful emissions in the short term.

Nowadays, 30% of the electricity needs of Hungary can only be met through imports. ASTRASUN aims to strengthen the Hungarian labor market and economy by implementing more and more domestic solar power plants.

When designing and constructing our solar parks, in addition to providing high quality, stability and reliable energy yield, we strive to enrich biodiversity and to operate solar power plants that enrich the local natural environment.

We firmly believe in the power of innovation: we see ourselves as active participants in a new industrial revolution taking place in harmony with the environment. To this end, we are carrying out experimental solar power plant- and virtual power plant developments, as well as looking for a solution to the possibility of energy storage free from harmful environmental effects.

Be our partner in realizing our aspirations, choose the green path - let's make the future better together!

ASTRASUN – Trust the future!

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