ASTRASUN: investing in a livable future

The ASTRASUN Solar Kft. (earlier as Candimpex Budapest Kft.) has opened consciously to the renewable energy market since 2014. The core elements of its activity today are the design, construction, operation and maintenance, investment and development of the solar power plant.

In the initial period, the profile included household-sized solar systems, then it was complemented with commercial-wholesale activity. Later, its own-brand solar inverters also became part of the portfolio.

The company participated intensively in Hungarian and international exhibitions, so, soon the ASTRASUN brand became widely known in the market.
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During 2016 the changes in the Hungarian market made it possible for the company to develop the so-called KÁT (Mandatory Takeover Tariff) licence 0.5 MW projects. By that time, it had had its own engineering- and construction team. Almost 10% of the total domestic KÁT market was achieved, which brought significant development for the company.

The sale of some of the projects strengthened the group, making it possible to retain 40 of its own power plants.
ASTRASUN also conducts extensive research- and development activities in the field of establishing energy storage capacities as well as that of virtual power plant systems, seeking answers to the most urgent issues of the new industrial revolution of the 21st century.

By 2020 the group was ready to step up one more level and become a stock exchange listed company as ASTRASUN ENERGY HOLDING, primarily by strengthening the investment side.

Be our partner in realizing our aspirations, choose the green path - let's make the future better together!

ASTRASUN – Trust the future!

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