Astrasun has announced its intention to establish solar panels factories in Romania

Budapest, 17th May, 2022 - Astrasun took part in a very well organized RESinvest conference in Bucharest on 17th and 18th May to announce entering the Romanian energy market. Attila Keresztes, CEO of Astrasun, mentioned that everything is ensured in Romania for a successful green energy turn.

Astrasun has gladly accepted the invitation to participate as a participant in the RESinvest conference in Bucharest on 17th and 18th May 2022. The interesting thing about the conference is that it replaced the traditional plenary presentations with more active, interesting panel discussions.

In the Panel II – Romania’s Case study: Existing suppliers & manufacturers and ways to continue developing a healthy national renewable energy supply chain - Attila Keresztes, the head of Astrasun, took part in the panel discussion and dedicated this opportunity to a larger announcement.

Everything is ensured in Romania for a successful green energy turn – told Mr. Keresztes. The high number of sunny hours, and the attractive economy for the investors are ideal for the new investment in the renewable sector. The implemented investments – the solar power plants and the factories on site and in supply chain - offers hundreds of jobs to local professionals and workers in the area affected by unemployment – added he in his speech.


The group is preparing to implement 1,2 GW projects in Romania

The group is preparing to implement 1,2 GW projects in Romania and three factories to serve the material needs of solar power plants from 2024. Using the financial sources of European The Recovery and Resiliance Facility (RFF) Astrasun plans to build and operate an ingot wafer, a solar cell and a photovoltaic modul factory in Romania in cooperation of European Solar Manufacturer Council in South Romania, in the region of Turnu Măgurele.

The first factory producing ingot-wafer for 1,8 GW capacity ensures jobs for ca. 480-500 people, which means 6% of the human resource of the whole project. The expected income is 260 million euros a year after the investments cost 102 million euros in the first 24 months.

The second, solar cells factory planned 195 million euros income a year needs ca. 240-250 employees producing cells for 1,5 GW capacity. This investment will cost nearly 110 million euros in the first two years.

Solar panels are complex system capable of generating electricity for at least 25 years. The expectations against solar panels factory are producing panels for 1,2 GW capacity of pv modules on yearly basis, which generates 285 million euros revenue and ensure jobs for ca. 80 people10 % of the human resource of whole projectafter investing 55 million euros in the first 2 years.



About the company

Astrasun Group was established in 1998 and today ASTRASUN main pillar of ASTRASUN's activities is EPC: solar power plant project development, which covers the entire process of designing, licensing, building and operating a solar power plant industrial or factory scale.

ASTRASUN developed more than 160 projects, owns 40 solar power plants, produces 19 MW on 41 hectares land in Hungary and has turnkey projects focusing on acquisition solar in a large renewable portfolio in Romania, in Croatia and in Finland. The company goes to the Budapest Stock Exchange in 2022 Q3.


More than clean energy – EXTRA CLEAN PRODUCTION

Solar plants covering a previous landfill

Clean construction and facility operation

We use as little concrete as possible during installation. We use less concrete and use small machines to leave less carbon foot on our lands.


The Solar sheep® service

ASTRASUN has launched its Solar sheep® program based on its own good experience. Sheep breeding and grazing take place in the self-maintained solar power plants, and the Company has already made this available to its partners. Mowing is carried out by a flock of sheep, so the use of petrol mowers doesn’t pollute the air, and the natural fertilization of the soil also enriches the wildlife.




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