We are looking for PPA partners!

ASTRASUN is ready to respond to inquiries from large consumers who want to get clean energy directly from the producer. Buying electricity for your company in a PPA model will reduce not only your carbon footprint but also your costs. Renewable energy is simply cheaper in the long run! Buy green energy directly from the producer!

ASTRASUN is looking for PPA partners for its 1200 MW / 1560 GWh portfolio in the European Union!

Why is PPA good  for you?

You can buy green energy directly from the electricity producer for at least 10-15 years. You can buy electricity at a stable, affordable price because of direct sales, so you are not exposed to market price fluctuations. Clean energy is produced by a solar power plant: this is the cheapest and fastest way to build a renewable energy power plant, and the technology behind it is free from unpleasant surprises.

For who do we suggest the PPA model?

For companies, who

- are stable

- have vision for minimum 10 years

- want to detach their electricity-consumption from the energy market,

- want to positively shape the perception of the corporate brand.

PPA model is especielly good for listed companies. The experience shows that using green energy has a beneficial effect on the share price!

ASTRASUN treats its PPA partners as a key customer. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.