Santa Claus brought a rooftop solar system to the shelter

The Animal Shelter of the Association for Stray Animals (Kóborka Állatvédő Egyesület) received a solar system worth 1,5 million HUF through the CSR campaign of ASTRASUN, having the motto “We give energy to animal protection”.

ASTRASUN ceremoniously handed over the investment to modernize the property on 6 December. The date was not a coincidence, as Santa Claus is celebrated in Hungary on December 6, when good children traditionally receive gifts. No doubt, the shelter dogs were really good kids!

The Animal Shelter of the Association for Stray Animals received a solar system through the CSR campaign of ASTRASUN.

The handover was thus also an unusual Santa Claus fest, drawing attention to the protection of animals and the importance of using clean energy. The famous Hungarian actress Dorottya Udvaros and the popular singer-actor Tamás Vastag supported the initiative by participating in the program. During the program, the audience also got to know some of the shelter’s doggies, including a dozen puppies.

Astrasun has launched the unique CSR initiative in the fall of 2020. Seeing the difficulties, faced by animal rescue organizations in Hungary, which were getting worse from the pandemic, Astrasun has launched the “Astrasun Solar System for Animals” tender.

The Hungarian actress Dorottya Udvaros with a puppy

The tender provided a new framework for the charitable actions of the company. Astrasun has undertaken to support 3-4 shelter with a rooftop solar system in one year.

The professional partner of the tender’s implementation is the Hungarian Association of Animal Defenders. Astrasun received 25 applications by the deadline, and has chosen four of them to install rooftop solar system on their shelter during 2021. The first installation was implemented in Jászfényszaru, and its owner is the Dog Heart Animal Rescue Foundation (Kutyaszív Állatmentő Közhasznú Alapítvány). Because of the busy year 2021, the program will end at the first half of 2022.