Astrasun for animals

Astrasun Solar System for Animals

Astrasun has launched a unique CSR initiative in the fall of 2020. Seeing the difficulties, faced by animal rescue organizations in Hungary, which were getting worse from the pandemic, Astrasun has launched the “Astrasun Solar System for Animals” tender.

The tender provided a new framework for the charitable actions of the company. Astrasun has undertaken to support one shelter with a rooftop solar system every quarter of the year from October 2020 to September 2021.
The professional partner of the tender’s implementation is the Hungarian Association of Animal Defenders. Astrasun received 25 applications by the deadline. The winners of the tender’s first two phases are the Kutyaszív Állatmentő Alapítvány (Dog Heart Animal Rescue Foundation) and Kóborka Állatvédő Egyesület (Association for Stray Animals). The shelter of the Kutyaszív Állatmentő Alapítvány is located on a farm at Jászfényszaru, near to Hatvan. Due to the renovation of the roof, the solar system will be installed at the end of March, but the necessary documentation has already been submitted to the authorities by Astrasun. They hope that the amount saved on the electricity bill can be used to rehabilitate the hosted animals.
Among the operating costs of the Kóborka Állatvédő Egyesület, the cooling and heating of the Puppy House, is a big burden. This cost will be reduced by Astrasun’s solar system, which will be installed during the Spring.