Astrasun expands to the south

ASTRASUN expands to the south

At the end of 2020, ASTRASUN Holding began intensive expansion of its foreign portfolio in the Balkans, Greece and Spain. The Hungarian group of firms dedicated the year 2021 to launch new projects across borders.

"Fortunately, the renewable energy sector is not affected by the epidemic, so our developments can be implemented without barriers." – Dr. Attila Keresztes, the Director said – "The company is in the phase of growing and our vision about our future is especially positive. It is our stated intention to become an indispensable participant in the European solar industry, and every opportunity is given to achieve it. As a fast-reacting, innovative group of firms, we have an advantage over the competition, and our ability to raise funds is outstanding."

Concrete negotiations on future solar power investments are already under way in Croatia, while trade relations are building in Serbia, Bosnia, northern Macedonia, Spain and Greece. Negotiations with business partners are aided by online meetings, video calls, and well-organized,Covid-compliant business trips.
Astrasun is planning to build solar power plants with a total capacity of at least 150 MW in the Balkans with the involvement of local experts. The investments will not only bring capital to the settlements, but will also help improve local employment, as Astrasun will employ local
citizens for construction, maintenance and guarding the area.

Trust in the future!