Nikolaj Erema képe a Pexelsről. Görögország

Expanding solar energy market in the sunny Greece

The sunshine not only attracts tourists to Greece, but also various members of the solar industry: investors, project developers, distributors from around the world. The Astrasun Group is planning a strong start in the Greek market: the Company is ready to implement 300 MW solar projects in Greece. At the conference, the potential of the famous Greek sunshine was analyzed by representatives of the market-leader companies participating in the forum.

The Astrasun Group is internationally involved in renewable energy developments and monitors professional processes. The pandemic situation in 2020 has made it impossible to have a personal presence and networking at major conferences. To counter this - in addition to the international organizational developer ELITE training -, the Company is regularly represented at virtual events.

Most recently, the Astrasun attended the Solar Future Greece 2020 virtual conference, where in addition to useful interactive presentations, networking was also possible.

At the event, the Astrasun Group was briefed on the development and investment opportunities and challenges offered by the Greek solar energy market. The Company got information about the experience and forecasts of the last few years, as well as technical trends and innovations.


In sunny Greece, they are currently able to cover 7% of their energy needs with solar energy and want to maintain a solar system capable of producing a total of 7.7 GW per day by 2030 in the country. The Greek government is supporting the implementation and growth of solar power plant developments by announcing renewable energy tenders twice a year since 2018.

Although the last tender also received particularly low bids in Greece this year (average 48.51 EUR / MWh), solar power plants are projected to be able to sell 58 EUR / MWh of clean energy in 2030. According to the conference, Greece will be the site of larger solar and hybrid projects with a capacity of at least 10 MWp.

The Astrasun Group took the opportunity to expand its professional and business relationships at the online conference. We hope that the story will have a tangible continuation in the next months, and the 300 MW solar power system will be realizing soon.


Photo: Nikolaj Erema, Pexels / Greece