solar power plant with sun tracker system, Astrasun

Clean energy for two hundred households

In the summer of 2020, the small settlement with a population of just over a thousand, located on the border of Tolna and Baranya counties, was enriched with a new solar power plant with a capacity of 499 kWp thanks to the investment of the Astrasun Group. On an annual basis, the number of hours of sunshine in the area exceeds 2,000 hours: in such fortunate environment, the obvious solution is to get solar energy to work. There are already two solar parks in the surrounding lands, which have also been designed and licensed by Astrasun, to generate electricity from an inexhaustible energy source, and a further installation is planned.

Minus 28 tons of carbon-dioxide a year

A single such half-megawatt solar power plant can meet the electricity need of up to 200 households and save the atmosphere from an average of 28 tons of carbon-dioxide per year by eliminating the use of non-renewable energy sources.
While the climate protection effects of solar power plants are green investments that ensure the health of future generations, as an investment they have market benefits as well: on average, the cost of their implementation returns within ten years, and from then on they generate net profit. Depending on the quality, solar panels have a lifespan of at least 25 years - but the Astrasun Group uses several innovations in its high-quality solar parks that increase lifespan by up to 15 years and efficiency by an average of 30%. Soon, anyone can join the success story - by buying shares - as the emerging company will go public by the end of the year and issue shares.